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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - LIVE - in Orlando, FL

Rich Weirdoes - RHPS shadow-cast in Orlando, FL
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Community for the Rocky Horror cast of Orlando, FL

Welcome to richweirdoes - the LiveJournal Community for the Rich Weirdoes! We are a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow-cast based in Orlando, Florida. Check out our website at www.RichWeirdoes.com!

What Can I Do Here?

This community is about anything having to do with:
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Trivia, quotes, personal stories, memories, questions, things you just noticed (e.g. "Hey! Rocky's briefs have a rhinestone 'R' on them?! Cool!"), etc.
  • The RHPS scene here in Orlando, FL - e.g. "I'm looking for cotton balls in the exact shape of the black dot on Janet's arm. Any craft stores in town you suggest?"
  • Anything having to do with our cast - e.g. "I wanna have (cast member name here)'s babies! They are so hot! OMG!"

What Can't I Do Here?
  • Blatant Solicitation or Other Forms of Web-Basted Nastiness - It's not nice; we wouldn't do it to your community.
  • Drama - e.g. "My boa's bigger than YOUR boa!" "Oh yeah? Well Tim Curry HIMSELF licked my boa!"
  • Other General Ignorance of Netiquette - Use LJ Cut tags for long or image-heavy posts. Also, please keep things semi-decent; save the unbridaled decadence for the the theatre.

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