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Rich Weirdoes & Lips (Halloween '05 Cast

September 2010


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No religion, Richard Dawkins

oeyal in richweirdoes

State of the Cast meeting...

Greetings, Weirdoes!

First - don't forget - we have shows this upcoming weekend - if you haven't sent in your requests, please do so ASAP so we can have the casting up before Friday (casting@richweirdoes.com).

Second - to the FIVE of you who showed up to help move our stuff back to theater 4: "Thank you!"  I couldn't have done it without you.

Lastly - a request has been made asking for a "State of the Cast" meeting where issues can be raised and discussed.

I am suggesting that instead of rehearsing, we take the first Sunday in December (12/6/09) and turn that into a cast meeting.  Since it's not a show weekend, we can start a little earlier (say 4:00pm) so we can address any issues properly.  This will give everyone a month to get their schedules straight and really think about what we want to accomplish.

Also, I'd like to hold the meeting on neutral ground - does anyone have access to a FREE meeting room with chairs / conference room / community center / convention hall / clubhouse, etc.?

I'd like to set an actual agenda for this meeting to be published 1 week beforehand so that everyone can have the opportunity to be heard.

What do you think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Needed?  Not needed?  Good date?  Bad date?  Punch & Pie?

I'd like to hear your input throughout the week and I'll announce the final decision at this weekend's shows.

I won't publish your responses - they'll be for my eyes only, so feel free to be as candid as you wish - even if it's criticizing me (I'm a big boy, I can take it).  If you already have items for the agenda, feel free to share them with me now and I'll start compiling the list.

Send your replies to me either at the Yahoo RWcastONLY group, or at ofir@richweirdoes.com.

Thank you all for a wonderful Halloween weekend! 

Looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Your obedient servant,