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Casting for this weekend has been up since Monday!

Of course, several people have signed up, dropped out, signed up, and dropped out again, so there are STILL openings waiting to be filled...

If you can make it and your name is not on the list yet, PLEASE e-mail me with your availability:

Thank you.
God bless you.
and God bless the United States of America.



Wow... this community is pretty ignored by the looks of it... but probably because the RW website is so nifty now, so there's less need for this one?


I was wondering if there's a zombie crawl at lake eola in the spring, or if that's only around halloween time.

And if there isnt' one... there should be!

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State of the Cast meeting...

Greetings, Weirdoes!

First - don't forget - we have shows this upcoming weekend - if you haven't sent in your requests, please do so ASAP so we can have the casting up before Friday (

Second - to the FIVE of you who showed up to help move our stuff back to theater 4: "Thank you!"  I couldn't have done it without you.

Lastly - a request has been made asking for a "State of the Cast" meeting where issues can be raised and discussed.

I am suggesting that instead of rehearsing, we take the first Sunday in December (12/6/09) and turn that into a cast meeting.  Since it's not a show weekend, we can start a little earlier (say 4:00pm) so we can address any issues properly.  This will give everyone a month to get their schedules straight and really think about what we want to accomplish.

Also, I'd like to hold the meeting on neutral ground - does anyone have access to a FREE meeting room with chairs / conference room / community center / convention hall / clubhouse, etc.?

I'd like to set an actual agenda for this meeting to be published 1 week beforehand so that everyone can have the opportunity to be heard.

What do you think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Needed?  Not needed?  Good date?  Bad date?  Punch & Pie?

I'd like to hear your input throughout the week and I'll announce the final decision at this weekend's shows.

I won't publish your responses - they'll be for my eyes only, so feel free to be as candid as you wish - even if it's criticizing me (I'm a big boy, I can take it).  If you already have items for the agenda, feel free to share them with me now and I'll start compiling the list.

Send your replies to me either at the Yahoo RWcastONLY group, or at

Thank you all for a wonderful Halloween weekend! 

Looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Your obedient servant,
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This weekend's casting...

Hey gang!

Pretty poor volunteering for this weekend - had to scratch and claw to get actors (not to mention techs and lights).

As of right now, still need some slots filled (actors, techs, lights) - PLEASE check Friday and Saturday's schedules and let me know if you can help out!!!

Also - Sunday's parade - I'd like to have 3 groups consisting of:
Group 1: Frank, Riff, Mag, Columbia - all in their Time Warp/Sweet T costumes.
Group 2: Frank, Rocky, Brad, Janet, Columbia - in Floorshow costumes.
Group 3: 6 Tranzies in rainbow colors + as many "Rocky"s in gold shorts as I can get.

So far, signups have been dismal - please let me know if you can come out and help us celebrate.  You don't need to show up until 2:00pm, so you can still sleep in a bit.

Lastly, check Murphy's call to arms for tonight's PULSE RHPS tribute - contact him for details.

Thanks y'all!!!
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Well, crap - casting, anyone?

This weekend, I will be out of town.

SOMEONE will have to play faux-fir.  Any volunteers?

Speaking of volunteering, the schedule is VERY empty!

I have a total of 5 people asking for most of the parts on Friday and Saturday - does that mean everyone else is going to be gone this weekend, too?

PLEASE send me your casting request if you haven't yet!

I only have requests from:
Nick, Kourtney, Joe, Dan, Mason, Michael, Ally, Phil, Alex, Murphy, Dyke, Ashley, Steve, and Sami.

If your name is not in the above list, I am assuming you will not be at the show this weekend and we'll have to use sock-puppets.

In addition, we have NO techs, lights, or photographers listed, either.

Waiting to hear from you:

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Need theme park tickets!!!

I knew I forgot something:


In-laws in town - need tickets to dump them on the Mouse House!

3 tickets would be great - gate sign-in is OK too!

Tuesday or Wednesday (6/23 and/or 6/24)...

Willing to pay!

Disney is great, Universal is ok as second choice.

Thank you,